Come for the Art, Stay for the Degeneracy


Crypto Culture

Crypto Fishing Club is our interpretation of cryptocurrency culture and we aim to capture its content in a relatable way to our community. The first collection, FisherFreaks, encapsulates all the types of people involved in crypto-- investors, artists, influencers, and developers-- and their various experience levels, strategies, and sentiments.


Eclecticism is the practice of combining historical styles from a broad and diverse range of sources into a single work. Our artist, Isart, borrowed from his lifetime portfolio of mixed media art and classic 20th century masterpieces to create unique NFTs.


Gamification is adding game mechanics into a non-game environment. Beyond the original and amazing artwork, Crypto Fishing Club offers creative and competitive utility with its NFTs. FisherFreak owners have the opportunity to stack more crypto via Play2Win (winning poker tournaments) and Stake2Earn (staking poker players).


Crypto Fishing Club is a NFT project linking a series of NFT collections:

I.   FisherFreaks

II.  Bait & Tackle

III. Rabbit Holes

IV. Non-Fungible Catches


FisherFreaks is a 1,000 NFT collection with 64 original hand-drawn traits across 7 categories. Each FisherFreak has 2 to 7 traits that are randomly assigned and weighted as common, uncommon, rare, and legendary. The 7 categories (# of traits) are Type (10), Background (10), Outfit (10), Chain (8), Status (10), Strategy (10), and Sentiment (6).

Rarity Table

Search trait counts of the entire FisherFreaks collection.

NFt Marketplace

FisherFreaks are listed on (Solana blockchain) for 0.25 SOL each; 25 to 50 are minted/released at a time in parallel with the Roadmap.

Why Solana?

Solana transactions are fast (few seconds) and cheap (average tx fee is < $0.01). The Solana NFT space is growing at an insanely fast rate; Ethereum whales and OGs are already swimming over to catch the next big NFT wave. If you are new to NFTs and/or Solana, join the Discord to access our guide for beginners.


Poker Game

Use our NFTs to play poker, sweat horses, and stack crypto.

I.  Play2Win

FisherFreaks only want one thing and it’s freakin’ disgusting – to go all-in on every hand. Degens gonna degen, but luckily, their masters will be the ones making the decisions. Play poker for the opportunity to win $SOL and high-quality NFTs.

II. Stake2Earn

We are applying a whole new meaning to staking– own 1 of the 3 legendary Predators to have equity in Cev1che’s tournament/cash game winnings. Cev1che is a six-year live poker cash game professional who currently plays high-stakes No Limit Hold ‘Em and 5-card Pot Limit Omaha at MGM National Harbor Casino.

See the Official Poker Game Lite Paper for complete details.














WHALE_wiith bags_edited_edited.png


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FFPO Event #1

Buy-In: 100 $CHIP

Prize Pool: 2.5 $SOL | 1 Basquiat + 2 Commons

FFPO Event #2

Buy-In: 200 $CHIP

Prize Pool: 2.5 $SOL | 1 Basquiat + 2 Commons

FFPO Event #3

Buy-In: 300 $CHIP

Prize Pool: 5 $SOL | 1 Basquiat + 2 Commons

FFPO Event #4

Buy-In: 500 $CHIP

Prize Pool: 7.5 $SOL | 1 Predator

FFPO Event #5

Buy-In: 500 $CHIP

Prize Pool: 7.5 $SOL | 1 Predator

FFPO Main Event

Buy-In: 1000 $CHIP

Prize Pool: 25 $SOL | 1 Predator

-Stake2Earn: earn a piece of Cev1che in MGMNH's Potomac Poker Open Feb. 2022

-Bait & Tackle: integrate next collection into gameplay

-Yield Farming: use treasury funds to farm crypto rewards for future prize pools





Millenial poker player addicted to crypto;

NFT ape fishing the open sea for crown jewels.



Boomer lifelong artist of tapestry, painting, mixed media, woodworking; swimming in uncharted waters.



Zoomer traditional finance zombie inevitably transforming into decentralized finance degen.


Artist's Portfolio

Isart's artwork ranges across many styles including: tapestry, oil canvas painting, mixed media, and woodworking. He applied some of his recent gallery artworks to a few of the backgrounds in the FisherFreaks collection.


Forensic Evidence (Background: Forensic Evidence)

Wire Cascade (Background: Jungle)

Abacus (Background: Beautiful Mind)